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THRIVING TWEENS - For teachers and other professionals

Relationships and Sexuality Education course for curious children aged 10 to 13 years. A resource for the adults to use in their work with children

Children will learn all about relationships, boundaries, communication, bodies and feelings. The course will support the children to build their emotional toolkit, making transitions to secondary school and the adolescent developmental phase less stressful.

The resource supports the RSE curriculum strands in the following ways:

Myself - Self-identity, personal values, body awareness, puberty, boundaries and safety
Myself and others - Relationships with family and friends, feelings and communication skills
Myself and the wider world - Socialisation and community, media literacy and advertising, critical thinking skills

There are free previews of each module, scroll below to the curriculum to view them.

Course Curriculum

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Jenny Fahy
Content creator

Jenny has worked with children and families in her work as a National Parents Council trainer and as a Family Support worker in North Tipperary. She also has an MA in Leadership in Therapeutic Child and Social Care and she is a child & adolescent therapist in-training.

This course for 6th class pupils is an ideal accompanying course to the Parents/Guardians programme that is also available from Life Connections.

The children of 6th class are our next grouping of teenagers, and through education and support they will grow up into young teens and adults who can make safe, healthy and informed choices in their friendships, intimate relationships and work/team relationships.

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